YOE Bead Bracelet

YOE Bead Bracelet


A signature green aventurine and labradorite bracelet made for Yoga Off East, designed by Tomris McDaniel of Glow Designs. 

Small- 6.5 inches
Medium - 7 inches
Large - 7.5 inches

*sizes are approximate*

Green Aventurine: known as the "stone of opportunity" and one of the "luckiest" stones. It is also a harmonizing stone, and through this calming energy, it helps to find balance for personal growth, and for learning about one's self, and one's place in the universe.

Labradorite: purifies and strengthens the aura by clearing and balancing all seven chakras. It also removes fears and improves self-confidence, empowering you to discover your dreams and destiny.

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