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Restorative Practices

Deep Restorative Yoga
A yoga class that slows things way down. Expect to use lots of props, hold restorative poses for 5-15 minutes, and find a mental reset. This class is ideal for all levels and all humans, including new yogis and those recovering from injury or illness.

Yin Yoga
A gentle and slow class that allows the weight of gravity to softly unwind the connective tissues of the body that are naturally resistant to fast, rhythmic, repetitive Yang movements. In Yin, poses are held anywhere between 3-5 minutes for beginners, up to 10-20 minutes for advanced practitioners. Yin Yoga compliments any yoga practice.

Energizing Practices



20/20/20 is a unique blend of core, yoga flow, and restore. The class will emphasize these three components for 20 minutes each and smoothly transition from one focus to the next, offering you a complete mind, body, spirit experience. Modifications are offered, so all-levels are welcome!

Flow + Stretch 
An slower paced flow class designed for athletic recovery or as a weekly reset for mind & body. This practice emphasizes mindful breathing, meditation, and simple flow sequences with long holds and deep stretches. All levels welcome.

Hatha Chakra
A class designed to balance and open the energy centers of your body.  Intention, breath and asana are tools of the practice to allow each chakra to open us to a new level of self awareness. No prior knowledge of chakras necessary.


An energetic fast-paced cardio workout paired with vinyasa flow yoga. Music blasting, calorie torching, sweat dripping, endorphin rush. HIIT is great for getting a quick workout in if you're short on time, need to switch up your routine, want to improve endurance, speed, or metabolism. 

PopUp Workout x YOE: Burn + Tone

A 45-minute morning ritual designed to integrate cardio and toning and to achieve a good BURN! Position holds, impact free cardio, & core work make up this challenging low impact class. Note: This is NOT a yoga class.

Power Flow + Power Hour
A challenging, athletic vinyasa sequence that may include core work, balancing poses, inversions and arm balances. This fast-paced flow is suited for experienced yogis or adventurous beginners.


Power Yoga Lab
In Power Yoga Lab, you will test out more advanced yoga poses so when a teacher cues, "if this is in your practice, take it now," you will feel strong, stable, and confident that you can pop right into it! Designed to be a playful, interactive practice, we will workshop poses requested by students. Suitable for students with a regular power practice, looking to challenge themselves and play with new poses.

Slow Flow
A sequence of yoga poses that smoothly transition from one to the next with the use of steady, fluid breathing. The class can be as gentle or advanced as the practitioner chooses, as modifications will be offered throughout. Appropriate for beginners or regular practitioners looking for a mindful practice.

Strength Flow
A dynamic power flow class that carefully intertwines yoga with full-body sculpting. Props and hand-held weights are used to tone, strengthen and sculpt your body. You will quiet your mind, strengthen your body and energize your spirit in this challenging class. All levels welcome.


Sunrise Flow
A morning ritual community-style. This is all-levels class is designed to integrate your breath and movement, wake up your body and stimulate your mind through sun salutations, playful movement, and thoughtful sequencing. Leave energized for the rest of your day.

Vinyasa Flow
A yoga class that emphasizes the connection between structure and strength and enhances the body, mind & spirit experience. All levels welcome.

Warm Strength Vinyasa
A mindful sequence fusing core, yoga flow with longer holds (and optional hand weights), deep stretches, and always emphasis on breath.