YUM in the front, OM in the back 

Enter Yoga Off East through the Ninth Street entrance of Happy + Hale. Our cozy studio is conveniently located at the back the building (down the hallway past the restrooms).

 Illustration by  Sage Paper Co.

Illustration by Sage Paper Co.

the History of our neighborhood 

West Durham was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.  It was in 1893 that West Durham began it's transformation to a mill village when Benjamin Duke and William Erwin opened a cotton mill on Ninth Street, an early southern manufactory of denim. The mill company employed over 1000 workers by the turn of the century, and build 440 houses covering more than fifteen blocks surrounding the mill. Although some landmarks are gone today, the old Erwin Mill buildings have been adapted into offices and housing, and new buildings, including a gas station and office buildings, have been designed to fit into the ambiance of this thriving neighborhood.

Today, Easily accessible from Duke University and the Duke Hospital, Ninth Street is a distinctive shopping district with a historic, yet fresh feel. With over 120 years of history behind it, the Ninth Street District has become a bustling destination for fine dining, locally owned retail shops, coffee houses, and other convenient local businesses. 

Thank You to Preservation Durham for this and additional information on Durham's historic assets. 

Learn more about our neighborhood by watching the short video below:

Video by Stone Media

Our friends at happy + Hale

Studio founder, Kathy Smith, came across the Ninth Street building where Yoga Off East is currently housed in 2014 and knew this was a very special location. Soon after she walked through the building for the first time she was introduced to Happy + Hale founders, Matt and Tyler, through a mutual yoga friend. It was then that the conversation began around bringing two businesses into the same space. In the spring of 2016, the partnership of Yoga Off East and Happy + Hale was founded on the shared belief that when we take great care of ourselves, we take great care of our community, and in turn, our world.  It is with great excitement and a shared vision that we bring you healthy fuel and flow yoga under one roof.

Durham is a great place. It’s alive, it’s vibrant. The idea of Happy + Hale has always been that when you eat better, it’s fuel for big ideas. It’s super exciting to be a part of that.
— Matt Whitley, Co-Founder Happy + Hale