About Sheerah

Sheerah started her yoga practice over 15 years ago when she was attending the University of Florida. It wasn't until 6 years ago though that she took her practice deeper, focusing on the connection between breath, mind and movement.

Sheerah moved to North Carolina from Brooklyn, NY last year and immediately jumped into her teacher training, completing her 200 hour program at Franklin Street Yoga with her amazing instructor, Lori Burgwyn. As a transplant to North Carolina, Sheerah has found a home within the open arms of the yoga community and loves sharing her passion with others. She loves that every time you step on your mat it’s an opportunity to grow and challenge yourself; a chance to let go of the pressures and stress of everyday life and learn how to focus on your inner self.  

Her teaching is influenced by Power Vinyasa Flow, a style with roots in Baptist yoga, and provides a challenging yet uplifting class. Students can expect a class that provides movement coupled with mindfulness.