About Andie

Andie (RYT200) is bull-city born and bred. She studied theatre performance and film at Louisiana State University, immersing herself in the creative processes that surround acting, production (specifically, costume) design and filmmaking. 

She is a storyteller who believes in creating a space for individuals to feel, think, and express courageously, in order to begin journeying to their most aligned selves. Andie believes in the connection that is born of authentic human experience. She uses acting, filmmaking and the practice of yoga to create platforms that cultivate a compassionate, collaborative and ultimately, more sustainable way of living. 

Through her classes, she creates an open environment where beings from all walks of life can generate equilibrium and stability that will help them strengthen their practice both on and off the matt. Using flowing postures and emphasis on breath, she helps each person zone in on their personal practice, emphasizing function over form as well as promoting the idea that yoga fits everybody’s physical needs.

‘Live in the light.’ In other words, being truthful and loving with oneself so that one can enter into relationships with others in the same beautiful and kind way.
— Andie, Yoga Off East Instructor

Q + A

Morning Ritual….

dark roast coffee or tea, journaling, sun salutations

One activity you do every day without fail…

tell the ones dear to me that I love them

A good day is….

One that has peace and stillness and laughter and family, unexpected happenings and immersion into the flow of life.

3 things vital to my day…

vegan meals, grounding essential oils, spotify magic

Go to websites…

Minimalist baker, mystic mamma, vice

How do you unwind….

personal yoga practice, singing, avocado toast, trader joe’s wine, frank ocean, a lot of hugs

Greatest mentor…

My parents.

What one meeting changed your life…

when my film professor assigned me the role of directing a short film in an introduction to film class-I’m now a producer and filmmaker!!

Biggest risk that has paid off…

Continuing to say YES to the universe and immersing myself in my passions.

Failure is….

Necessary. Something that strengthens you, and reminds you that you are resilient. A mindset to remain unattached to!


Finding gratitude for the moment you are in, and finding compassion in every step of the journey.

Best piece of advice… 

Show up with an open mind and a compassionate heart.