Yoga Off East began as the vision of Duke alum, Kathy Smith, upon her return move to Durham in 2009. Having left a career as a college tennis coach to chase her heart to North Carolina, she knew that yoga was an important part of her transition out of a lifelong commitment to the sport of tennis. While tennis remains a part of Kathy’s life (her husband, Ramsey is the Duke Men’s Tennis Coach), she has turned to yoga as a lifestyle, a passion, and a career. The idea of a neighborhood studio adjacent to Duke University started as the personal goal of one person and manifested as the result of a close knit yoga community in Durham and the Triangle, as a whole. Yoga students of all levels are welcomed to roll out their yoga mats and flow with us. 

our values

Ritual.  We believe Yoga Off East is a great place, dare we say, the perfect place, to interrupt your day. Stop, pause, breathe. Repeat. Yoga is a practice. The discipline of showing up every day or once a week for yourself brings incredible rewards. We want you to experience these rewards.

Community.  We honor the space to practice yoga together with our neighbors. In community, we strengthen our collective positive impact.

Personal Growth.  Your work in the world matters. You being YOU, matters. Hone in on your gifts, strengths, and where work is needed to elevate your game. We support that. We want to see you rock it in the world.

Creativity.  Our studio was designed to be crisp, clean, natural, and bright to nurture and encourage your creative spirit.

Simplicity.  We believe it’s important to “keep the ease alive” as we do our work in the world. The potential of a clear vision and the power of simplicity drive us.